Nha Trang City tour 1 day

Nha Trang City tour 1 day

Tour code: OD018

Duration: 1 Day

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Nha Trang has become a familiar name to international and domestic tourists alike over years for its wild tropical forest, long beach, clear water and wide ranges of cultural destinations. Some of most notable spots of Nha Trang have been included on this full day excursion for an unforgettable traveling experience to all the guests.


8:30. Visit Hon Chong Promontory
Bus and guide will pick you up at your hotel for the journey to discover Nha Trang with the first place – Hon Chong resort. You will be amazed with the beauty of massive rocks with many shapes and stacked each other. Hon Chong is a big rock that has the traces of the giant hand in a legend and Hon Vo is another rock looks like a woman cradling her child.
9:30. Po Nagar Towers
The special structure was built between the 7th and the 12th century by Cham (the prosperous time of Cham). The particular structures and bricks helped towers exist over 1000 years. Many scientists today have yet deciphered its mystery.
10:30. Nha Trang Mountain Church (Nha Trang Cathedral or Stone Church).
This is a unique architecture that tourists shouldn’t miss. Looked from the outside, The church has gray color with the architecture same to palaces and castles in ancient Roman times. Beside Gothic architecture with French style, the mountain church also owns a precious brass bell manufactured and supplied by a famous bell brand, French Carillon Bourdon.
11:10. Long Son Pagoda
Long Son Pagoda, also known under other names “ Chua  Phat Trang” or “ Long Son Co Tu”, the biggest church in Nha Trang city. It was built in 1886 and repaired many times. Long Son owns unique statues located in Trai Thuy hill such as bronze Buddha statue in the main hall with 1.6 metres high and  700kg weight; nirvana  Buddha statues with 17 metres long and the statue of Buddha Shrine seating sermon with 31 metres high.
12:00. Lunch and rest at local restaurants
13:30. Visit Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography
Considered as the biggest storage and marine research in Southeast Asia, Institute of Oceanography Nha Trang currently stores over 20,000 specimens of more than 4,000 marine species in the South China Sea. Here, visitors can see many species of marine animals raised in aquarium such as sharks, lionfish, seals, sea turtles, demon fishes, corals and sea anemones.
14:30. Nha Trang Bao Dai Villa (Cau Da villa)
Cau Da villa with French ancient architecture was the place  for the emperor Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong to rest, open parties, fish and watching sea. The houses are designed in European style harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Here, visitors can see whole Nha Trang city in the North or the vast peaceful ocean in the East.
15:20. XQ Historical Village
Built with unique architecture of ancient Hue and impressive art galleries, XQ historical village is the crystallization of Vietnam embroider art. Visitors can enjoy unique embroidered paintings, observe the skillful artisans taking each needle on the silk and learn the traditional embroidered culture.
16:10. Tram Huong Tower (Agarwood Tower) – symbol of Nha Trang City
The name of Tram Huong tower is derived from a rare commodity with high economic value in Nha Trang called agarwood. Located on the beach, Tram Huong tower consists of 3 floors with vivid sculpture icons: the wave of the sea, sails, petals and a stylized core.
17:00. End of tour.
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